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Earthmoving Contractors Hunter Valley

Jammach Earthmoving is the one-call option for reliable earthmoving and excavation services throughout the Hunter Valley.
Trust our team to complete all land clearing, bulk excavations, demolition work and trenching. Whatever the need, we're sure to complete your project efficiently.

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Demolition — Site Preparation in Nulkaba, NSW
Our team specialises in safely and efficiently removing unwanted structures from sites throughout the region.

With our excavators and attachment equipment, we can conduct all work to site regulations and safety standards. Both minor and major demolitions can be handled by Jammach Earthmoving. Once we're done, we'll clear the site to ensure it's ready for any new construction you have planned.

All of our operators are licensed and understand the safety standards associated with demolition. We can also provide expert advice regarding permits and council approval.
Read our FAQs for more information regarding demolition.


Man in treaching method — Site Preparation in Nulkaba, NSW
Treaching using excavator — Site Preparation in Nulkaba, NSW
Truck installing pipes — Site Preparation in Nulkaba, NSW
Constructing a new home or carrying out renovation? Choose Jammach Earthmoving to complete all trench digging work for you.

We can use our excavator to create trenches for sewage pipes, utility lines, or foundation footings. Working with builders, plumbers and concreters, we can dig trenches for all projects.

Land Clearing

Need to remove vegetation, trees or shrubs from your property? Let our experienced team take care of it for you. We can clear and level land to meet your requirements.

Clearing land has a range of benefits, including:
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Minimises pest populations
  • Keeps soil in good condition
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
The best part is we'll take all of the debris away, so your property is in pristine condition.
Land clearing — Site Preparation in Nulkaba, NSW

Animal Burials

Animal Burial — Site Preparation in Nulkaba, NSW
As a specialty service the team at Jammach Earthmoving provide 24/7 large animal burials.

We understand that deciding what to do with a deceased animal can be challenging, but we are here to help you. We have the equipment to create suitable burial sites for
your needs.

Our team are humane, sensitive and professional in all situations. We can provide this service for livestock including cattle, horses, sheep, goats and more.

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