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Frequently asked questions

At Jammach Earthmoving, we're committed to offering the highest quality customer service from start to finish. In our eyes, this starts with first-class communication, which is why we've compiled answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have a question you don't see answered here, please feel free to contact us
Do I need a licence to construct a dam in NSW?
Landholders in NSW are entitled to build and maintain dams up to a certain size without a licence. You will not require a licence for:

  • A harvestable right dam (i.e. small dams that collect rainfall runoff)
  • Dams built before 1999 used for stock or domestic purposes
  • Dams up to one megalitre on small properties

The total capacity of all dams on a property is called the Maximum Harvestable Right Dam Capacity (MHRDC). If the amount of water captured by the dam exceeds your property's MHRDC you will require a licence.
What permits and approvals do I need for earthmoving and excavation work?
Do you require a licence for demolition?
Do I need council approval for demolition work?
Do I need approval to install a septic tank system?