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Landscaping Maitland & Cessnock

When you need to shift dirt, dig or undertake construction, choose Jammach Earthmoving.

We can complete a range of landscaping and construction projects for you, including all landscape earthworks, septic system installations, and dam, house pad and road construction work. We'll even deliver bulk materials to your site.

Our team are highly experienced technicians and work alongside tradespeople to create a fully turnkey project for you.

Get your job underway by calling our team today. We can provide no-obligation free quotes for all of our services.


Landscape Earthworks

Improve the aesthetics of your front or backyard with help from Jammach Earthmoving.

Using our specialised equipment, we can grade, contour and level the earth to suit your requirements. We know how best to manage space and will provide solutions to any landscaping problems you may have.

Our team are experienced in all aspects of structural landscaping work including:
  • Cutting & terracing of sloping blocks
  • Removal of old lawns & garden beds
  • Keeps soil in good condition
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
These landscaping earthworks are available for all site sizes, from residential to rural acreage properties. We will deliver your project on-time and on-budget.
Landscape earthworks — Earthworks landscaping and construction in Nulkaba, NSW

Septic Systems

Septic tank with construction machine — Earthworks landscaping and construction in Nulkaba, NSW
If you live in an area not connected to a sewer, or you don't have enough room for an on-site disposal system, a septic tank is a great alternative. Often cost-effective, these systems are the perfect solution for residential waste water treatment on rural or
remote properties.

The team at Jammach Earthmoving have the ability to dig trenches for your septic system and can even handle the installation process. We pay close attention when backfilling the trench to ensure your septic system is safely secured to your property.

We are also adept in the demolition or decommissioning of a septic tank. This particular service requires great attention to detail and often requires council approval. We follow all regulations closely to ensure we do not damage the system or surrounding area of the tank site.

Dam Construction & Cleaning

Dam construction and cleaning using Excavator — Earthworks landscaping and construction in Nulkaba, NSW
Jammach Earthmoving has the machinery to handle all aspects of dam construction and cleaning on your rural property.

This process involves a lot of excavation work and close attention to detail to ensure we construct a dam that works efficiently. We will begin by clearing the site of vegetation and pegging out the area. We will then continue by creating cut off trenches and building up the walls of the dam.

Working with trades from various industries, and using our excavators and attachments, we'll be able to complete the construction process to all regulations.

If you are looking to construct a new dam, or are just cleaning out an existing one, please contact our team for more information.

Bulk Materials

Soil — Earthworks landscaping and construction in Nulkaba, NSW
Coal — Earthworks landscaping and construction in Nulkaba, NSW
Stones — Earthworks landscaping and construction in Nulkaba, NSW
For bulk materials delivered to your construction site, speak to Jammach Earthmoving. We supply soil, aggregates and other landscaping supplies throughout the Hunter Valley.